Artist and Church in Calfornia Worship Trayvon Martin in Holiday Display


Liberals Worshiping Trayvon

Freddy’s Note:

I can’t think of a more offensive thing than this display at a church in Californian.  In this display, a shot and bleeding Trayvon Martin literally takes the place of Jesus.

In case anyone has been hiding in a doomday bunker for the last two years, Trayvon was a teen punk with a history of being a petty thief, that was wondering around a gated Neighborhood that he didn’t belong in, when he was confronted by the moron George Zimmerman. Now George should have stayed in his truck.

But when he did, Martin overpowered him was pounding Martin’s face into the concrete when Zimmerman killed him.  Absolutely not a Stand Your Ground Case. It was a Self Defense case.Martin was a teenage punk. Live like a punk, die like a punk. The world is better off without him and to be honest, the world would be better without Zimmerman as well.


Stupidest Holiday Display of All Time

But to use this in a holiday display is just really offensive to everyone.  I hope the artist never works again and I really hope the Church loses it core following and ceases to exist.

The Worst Church and the Worst Artist in the World award for 2013 goes to these fraking morons:

Claremont United Methodist Church Decides to worship Trayvon Martin

There are your usual nativity scenes, and then there is the nativity scene in front of Claremont United Methodist Church in Claremont, California featuring Trayvon Martin bleeding onto the ground, alongside baby Jesus and Mary.


Teenage Punk Thief dies in front of his Parole Officer Jesus

For the past seven years, the church has commissioned its nativity scene to be turned into a provocative art piece set in a contemporary context that goes beyond a simple retelling of the classic bible story. This year’s artist, John Zachary, had previously turned Mary and Jesus into Iraq War refugees and Mexican immigrants. This year, he wanted to tackle gun violence.

“I’ve tried to make them contemporary issues that are provocative as they relate to the nativity story,” Zachary said. When describing the Trayvon Martin nativity scene, Zachary said he wanted to challenge the contemporary telling of the nativity story that is comfortable and pleasant. This year’s nativity scene certainly does that.

“What if Jesus was lying there bleeding to death?” Zachary said.


The nativity scene reads: “A Child is Born, a Son is Given.”

If you’re having trouble finding a connection between the nativity story and the murder of Trayvon Martin, Zachary is confident that this year’s scene is “in keeping with the teachings of Jesus.” It’s supposed to attack our “privilege,” as Zachary puts it. And it’s supposed to make us uncomfortable – again, that’s the point.

Zachary’s nativity scene will stay up until January 5. Now we just have to wait a year to see what he comes up with next.

Stand your Ground Law Changes in Florida Rejected

guns in sun

Breaking News

“Last evening the Florida House conducted a public hearing, judiciary committee debate, and committee vote on HB-4003, which would have done away with Florida’s Stand-Your-Ground law by repealing Florida statute 776.013. Home protection; use of deadly force; presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm.

The outcome was that HB-4003 was soundly defeated in committee, thereby ending the effort to repeal Stand-Your-Ground in this year’s legislative session.”

Good. Now I will admit that George Zimmeran is a loose cannon wackjob. Even if he instigated the fight with Trayvon Martin, he still had a right not to be beaten to death by Martin.  No matter how much the Liberal Press lies about it, the Travyon Martin case was not a case about Stand Your Ground. If it was, it would have been dismissed before trial.  The only reason it was not dismissed was the Zimmerman’s attorney decided to reject the Stand your Ground Defense in favor of a “Self Defense” defense.  Since Martin was on top of Zimmerman, beating him to death, it really was not a SYG issue.  Now the liberals jump up and talk about the Jury instructions. Those are the same jury instructions given to every murder case in Florida. They were not specific to the Martin/Zimmerman case.

We have have a right to self defense without running away. This is a human right.

Another Story

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 11.44.32 AM
There was another story in the news this week about a innocent bystander with a gun preventing a robbery in a Reading Pa store.. The “Good Guy with a Gun” walks into a store that is being robbed by two punk teenagers with a gun. The “Good Guy” is concealed carry a legal gun. He pulls the gun and end’s up shooting the two teen punks dead. This guy is a hero, right.

Now the dead teens parents and family and threading violence towards the “Good Guy” .  They claim he should not have got involved and should have called 911.  Too goddam bad for them.  If you want your teenagers to stay alive, maybe you should have taught them not to rob stores at gunpoint.  The “Good Guy” did the right thing.  The dead punks family should shut their mouths. And If they try to commit violence on the good guy, I hope he kills them as well.  I saw this phrase on the internet the other day. “Live Like a Punk.. Die like a Punk”