Christmas Story and Vintage Christmas Gun Advertisements


I already wrote about remember when toy guns where a good Christmas present. .  I have bought my son two real guns over the past two Christmases and he surprised me last year with a gun, but it wasn’t just any gun.

After all the giving of the presents was over last year, my son pulls out a package.   It is rifle shaped.  I open it and it is my father-in-law’s M1A. It was my favorite gun of his. It is the original  SpringField Armory National Match and is one of the early ones, It has a 4 digital serial number 52xx.  My son had bought it from his grandfather for $100 and was giving it to me for Christmas. (His grandfather was getting rid of his guns..He is now unfortunately in a full time care facility and can no longer shoot or even possess his guns)

My 16 year old took it upon himself to convince his grandfather to sell him the gun, paid him $100 of his own money, and then hid the rifle in the trunk of my borrowed car, and drove it home. (Luckily he was not stopped, that could have been a bad incident)

Words failed me. I was so amazed at getting this gun from my son.  Here is the gun:


It is the best gift I have ever received.

Now here are some vintage advertisements about giving a gun for Christmas

Here are some advertisements from the past suggesting that guns are a good president for Christmas. And they are a very nice for Christmas.

cmas1 cmas2 cmas3 cmass4 cmass5

red_ryder_ad  Daisy-gun-ad-Christmas-e1385070921319

Ok this last one is not about guns.. It is just interesting


I received the UZI violin case

For new people to the blog, I did a series on how to built your own fully legal UZI carbine.  You can see the complete instructions here.

I found a series of cases from AKcases, and ordered one off their ebay site for $175. They are normally $245 and they have them for many different styles of guns. I just received the case. Here is the violin case closed:


Here is the case open. The case comes with either a red or blue interior. I chose blue.


And finally here the case with the UZI carbine, I made during the build:


The Velcro strips hold both the gun and up to 8 magazines. The interior and exterior is very good quality.

I highly recommend this case. The only problem is this case, looks just like my kid’s actual violin case, it

pretty embarrassing ( and highly illegal) if he took the wrong case to school. So I can’t leave this outside the gun room.

Updated: Remember When Toy Guns were a Great Christmas present


Here is a vintage toy gun commerical

My Family

My son is 17. When he was under 10, he would have put this gun on the top of his Christmas list.

Unfortunately now, any kid playing with this in his yard, would be shot by a rogue cop out to kill someone, because he knows he can get away with it.

I bought airsoft guns and we used to shoot them in the backyard. I spent $300 for an AK that looked like a real AK but shot plastic bullets.  He and his friends used to play in the woods behind the house. By the time my son was 11, he was shooting real guns with his Grandfather and Uncle, both are Ex Navy and Police Officers.  I run into the toy guns every now and then in the basement or garage.  Ever since, he fired a real gun, he had no interest in the toys and airsoft.

Now he has his own guns. (It’s legal in my state, for a father or grandfather to give a child under 18 guns. He can’t buy long guns until age 18 and handguns from a dealer until age 21, but he can be given guns. He is an expert marksman with pistol or rifle. He can put 30 rounds into the center ring at 200 yard without a problem.  I can barely see the target at 200 yards these days.

His grandfather gave him Enfield Jungle Carbine  and a Colt Government 1911.  I have given him a Nagant Pistol, and a German Mauser, the over the last two Christmases. This year he wanted something else instead of guns. He still likes guns, he loves the new UZI,

Kids not being allowed to Play

Now a school kid can’t even point his finger at a playmate at recess and say bang without being suspended or arrested by lunatic school administrators.

We are losing part of our heritage when kids can’t play any more. No more cowboys and Indians, because that’s racist. No more playing with guns because of “Zero Tolerance” rules. A 6th grader kisses a girls hand and is labeled a “sex offender”(Happened last week).

The real America is slowly drifting away.  I actually think we are too far gone, and our next generation is doomed.  I hope I am wrong, I really do. But just in case, I have a secure gun room filled with guns and ammo and if needed, I or my son will use it to protect our families when civilization crashes and burns.

If things turn around, then I have a great gun collection that my son can use or sell for a bunch of money.

We win either way.

Shooting with Google Glasses Looks like a video game

Here’s what it looks like to fire a weapon. Oh? You’re not impressed? Right. I understand. Because every first person shooter video game that kids play these days looks exactly like this. Hell, to be honest, the video games might look even more realistic than real life (if that makes any sense).

YouTube user cheekflapperer took Google Glass to the gun range and showed it firing various weapons. It’s frightening (and totally unsurprising) how much it looks like a video game.

Freddy’s Note: I have some glasses on order. I will start making videos with them when they arrive.

Building the Semi Automatic Uzi : Extra


Indoor Range

This is the 7th post of 7 posts about Building an Semi automatic UZI carbine.  See Posts 1 to 6 on thjis site buy choosing the category. Building the UZI from the category menu.

I took the UZI shooting again today, for it’s second time at the range.  It worked really fine again and I still pleased with the build.

Here’s a video of my associate firing it

Cool Case for the UZI


I have been carrying the UZI in a CMP case, above, I got from the Civilian Marksman Program for one of my M1 carbines.  But then I found this great violin case:


uzi case red


uzi case blue


uzi case empty

I found these violin case online from for $245.00 and I ordered one immediately.

I will update this post when I receive it.

Building the Semi-Automatic UZI -Part 6 of 6 Test firing the UZI


See parts 1-5 for instructions to source the parts and built your own Fully Legal semi-automatic UZI carbine I was delayed almost two weeks because of bad weather and a one week business trip, before I could take my new fun toy to the outdoor range and test it.


Above of pictures taken during the first firing of the finished Semi Automatic Uzi Carbine at the local gun range.

So my son and I took the completed UZI to the local gun range and we finally got to see if it would work. The UZI takes a little while to get used to, because of the grip safety.  This is the only gun I own that has a grip safety. So you have to push in the grip safety completely while you pull the trigger or nothing will happen.

I loaded the magazine, engaged the safety and the gun fired perfectly. This video below is a video of the actual first time, the gun has been fired.

There are 5 posts under the category Building the Uzi that explain where to get the receiver and parts and how to put them together. It has been a fun build and it did not take much skill other than to figure out how the parts went together.  I am completely happy with the build and I might even do it again and build a UZI pistol next time.

If you build yourself one from these directions, let me know if I missed anything.

Thanks and enjoy  Freddy