Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is a big fat liar who’s pants are on fire

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee recently tweeted the following recently:


Is this a worldwide figure or just the US. And how in the world does she get this number.  My feeling is she just makes it up. Because Liberals always resort to lying and fictional statistics.

 According to FBI crime statistics,

Blunt objects (hammers and clubs), knives, and personal weapons (hands, fists, and feet) “cause” far more murders than all types of rifles combined:


So in 2010, only 355 people were murdered in the US with a rifle. That’s every type of rifle combined.  So how is Shelia Jackson Lee coming up with the figure of 250,000. Easy, she is making it up.

John Kerry -Secretary of Sleaze: Tries to Save Cop Killer


Freddy’s Note: 

I have watched John Kerry for his entire political career. He has been one of the most useless politicians that ever served in the US Senate. He accomplished almost no legistlature during his long senate career. He was in the senate to meet women.  You see he married two different multimillionaire widows during his life.  At one time, in between rich wife’s, he was literally living in his car for a brief period.

Kerry cares more about international Law then American Law

When John Kerry isn’t busy trying to help Iran obtain nuclear weapons or stabbing Israel in the back, he is doing the bidding of the United Nations — and Mexico — trying to save the life of an illegal alien cop-killer.

You mean the US Secretary of State is devoting his time into saving the life of a violrny scumbag killer of a cop?  Yes that is exactly what the Completely Useless John Kerry is doing.


Edgar Arias Tamayo, a 46-year old Mexican man, was in the country illegally when he killed Houston police officer Guy Gaddis. Tamayo was arrested by Gaddis outside a nightclub in 1994 for robbery. While being transported to jail, Tamayo pulled out a hidden gun and fatally shot Gaddis twice in the back of the head, execution-style.

Tamayo is — finally — scheduled to be executed January 22nd, after a disgraceful 20 year delay.

But Kerry wants Texas to call it off. Why?  Because Tamayo was not “notified of his right” to contact the Mexican consulate, “in violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations”.

You see, Tamayo’s case was one of 51 in the U.S. – 14 of them in Texas – that the International Court of Justice, the United Nation’s top judicial body, called on the United States to review for possible violations of the Vienna Convention.

And as he has his entire career — from his lies about his fellow soldiers in Vietnam in the 1970s, to his support for Nicaraguan Communists allied with the Soviet Union in the 80s — John Kerry has always put the interests of Americans last.

So now Kerry is warning Texas officials earlier this week that Tamayo’s planned execution “could do more harm than good”, especially in regards to Americans detained overseas.

Kerry noted in a letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry and state Attorney General Greg Abbott that he while didn’t question Tamayo’s conviction, he claimed that the supposed “violation” of an international convention could have “repercussions for Americans who are locked up abroad”.

But Kerry is mistaken. In 2008, the U.S Supreme Court ruled that the states are not compelled to comply with decisions made by the U.N.’s International Criminal Court. At the time the government said Texas had to cancel the execution of Jose E. Medellin, another Mexican national who was convicted in the 1993 gang rape and murder of two Houston girls. But the then-Solicitor General of Texas Ted Cruz fought the ruling to the High Court, where he won and set a major precedent for the states against the United Nations. Medellin was executed 4 months later.

Kerry tried to play the Mexican card in his strong-armed attempt to get Texas Gov. Rick Perry to stop the execution.

Kerry noted in his letter to the Texas lawmakers a note he received earlier this year from Mexico’s ambassador to the United States, Eduardo Medina Mora, who wrote, “This issue has become and could continue to be a significant irritant in the relations between our two countries.”

Thankfully, Perry is having none of it.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from – if you commit a despicable crime like this in Texas, you are subject to our state laws, including a fair trial by jury and the ultimate penalty,” Lucy Nashed, a spokeswoman for Perry, told the Dallas Morning News.

Too bad we don’t have an Administration that stands with the rights of American victims over those of illegal alien criminals.

2nd Ammendment Supporters: We are Sometimes are our Own Worst Enemy

I am as pro 2nd ammendent as anyone.  I am a gun collector.  I have over 50 weapons. I currently have over 10,000 rounds of ammo in storage. I am not a hunter.  I am not a Republican or a Democrat.  I do not support any new gun laws. I own 10 of what liberals were call assault weapons (3 AK’s, 3 Ar’s, Uzi, 2 M1 Carbines, and a M14)

But I do think that many actions of  2nd Amendment Activists are helping the anti-gunners and hurting the pro-gun side.

Texas Pro_gun VS MDA

The recent case in Texas. Where a large group of pro-gun, open carry activists showed up outside a meeting in a restaurant by a very small group of the Mother’s Demand Action (MDA) group.  These pro-gun supporters showed up heavily armed and opening carrying, because they wanted to intimidate the MDA group.

Instead, the MDA group complete and totally used this group to get some of the largest amount of anti-gun publicity that MDA has been able to create.

The photo gained national attention this recently after it was released by the gun control group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. Taken at a distance and from the side, it showed the armed protesters gathered in a parking lot, staring forward, with some kneeling, their guns in hand.

Moms Demand Action pointed to it as proof the armed demonstrators had been trying to intimidate a small meeting of the gun control organization’s state chapter that was taking place at a restaurant in Arlington.

From what I here, a member of MDA came out and asked this group to pose for a picture. Here is that picture:


One member took this picture above. While a 2nd member of the MDA group took the picture that looks like the protest group is ready to attack the restaurant.

These people were trying to help the pro-gun side and unfortunately, the Intimidating picture was released by MDA and appeared in hundreds of websites and newspapers .Moms Demand Action pointed to it as proof the armed demonstrators had been trying to intimidate a small meeting of the gun control organization’s state chapter that was taking place at a restaurant in Arlington.

The 2nd picture taken at the same time shows a more innocent purpose. They were simply posing for a picture.  But the damage was already done.  Millions of people in America got the idea that Anti-gun groups are dangerous and they are trying to intimidate a group of woman having a quiet lunch.  This was a tremendous victory for MDA over the pro-gun side. The MDA took advantage of the pro-gun group. Very few media sites ran the 2nd picture, so the violent pro-gun idea went nationwide.  I

I participate in local counter protest to OFA Anti-gun Rally

A few months ago, I participated in a Pro-Gun rally that was quickly put together to counter an anti-gun really by the Organizing For Action (OFA it’s Obama old campaign group that now runs demonstrations for more gun laws and also runs many Pro Obamacare activities.

Several of the Pro-Gun organizations sent messages that a large turnout was needed at the local city hall.

The results were about 20 anti-gun protestors from Organizing for Action (OFA). OFA provided signs for the protestors. They just showed up and were given signs to hold.  On the other hand, there were about 150 from the pro-gun side, including myself.
Here are the OFA Anti-gun protestors.

Here are some of the pro-gun protestors:


From these pictures, it was clear that the pro-gun side completely won this protest. In fact, from the street, you couldn’t even see the anti-gun crowd.


That’s not how it was covered my the local liberal media.

This picture appeared in the local liberal newspaper and on the OFA_NH and National OFA website and in newspapers throughout the state.


The pro-gun side won the actual event, but OFA won the battle of the media. The local media ignored the fact that anti-gunners were outnumbered 5-1.  In fact, the OFA people sent letters to all the newspapers in the state, saying that they won this protest and that the anti-gun people were directly threatening and intimidating the anti-gun crowd.  This did not happen. There were several police officers there that were supervising the protests.  The Anti-gun people had a permit. The pro-gun people did not. So the anti-gun crowd got the city hall plaza. The pro-gun crowd got the sidewalk.  I tried talking to several of the anti-gun protesters and they had been told”Don’t talk to the animals” meaning the pro-gun crowd. If you read the newspapers, OFA won and the pro-gun crowd was unruly and dangerous.

Open Carry leads to No Open Carry Law

The same pro-gun crowd showed up in force at the State House last year for a large armed protest when the state legislature was considering more gun laws.  Only one new gun law was passed that session.  The open carry group intimidated the state legislators so much, that they quickly passed a new law to outlaw open carry on the premises of State Government. No more open carry protests allowed on the State House and Senate groups.
Open carry activists have run amok in other states, and some states have responded with laws forbidding open carry.

I am not a fan of Open Carry Drama Queens

Many of these Open Cary Activists are extreme, and their activities will lead to more gun laws instead of less gun laws.
Have you seen all the videos on YouTube. These people wear an AK or a AR on their shoulders and walk through populated areas. When police notice them, they refuse to answer the police officers questions. Because “Open Carry is my right, and I don’t have to show my license or talk to the police because I am exercising my constitution rights” and other crap like this.  I actually am on the police side on these things.  The people involved are trying to provoke the police into behaving badly.  That’s why there are always people with video camera’s filming these little staged dramas.   I have no problem with the police asking a person with gun walking through downtown, “Hey why do you have a AK on your shoulder.”  I don’t give a crap if it is a constitutionally protected activity. If you have a gun walking through a public area, it is the same thing as shouting Fire in a crowded Movie theater.  You are trying to get attention or you want the police to act badly so you can sue them for damages.  The pro-gun side does not need these drama queens and their Youtube videos. They are helping the anti-gun crowd and hurting out side.

The pro-gun side are winning most of actual protests in this country.  But the Anti-gun side is winning the media war by taking advantage of the pro-gun side.  If we don’t do something about this, we are in danger of losing our gun rights. We need to be more media savvy, because were are winning the individual battles but losing the media war.