Obama vs.Thomas Jefferson, James Madison & the Constitution

Good article about Obama’s continuing destruction of America

The Conservative Patriot

ImageCharles Krauthammer used the term “This is amateur hour” recently describing this administration. George Will said “This is government by teenagers”.  I disagree.  I believe this administration is cunning, secretive, radical, socialistic and brilliantly deceptive, and all is going as planned.  A concerted effort to change our country, circumvent the Constitution, lie to those who elected you, and still have half the country supporting you? That is anything, but amateurish.

These people know what they are doing, and sadly, it is working. When a President can create his own powers and no one challenges him, our form of government wanes. It gives way to abuses of power. President Obama’s  style of governing is dangerous to our country with hunger for power. He uses powers that are not his to use.  This president has forgone the constitution in many ways, many times. If we are to believe he was a Constitutional…

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