Travel Story: Food Tates better when it comes from other places

This is my last post from Denmark. Heading back to the US tomorrow


Food tastes better when it comes from other places

Back in the USA, There is a type pastry that are very good to have for breakfast.  We call them Danish Pastries.

Danish pastry, or simply Danish, is a sweet pastry which has become a specialty of Denmark and the neighboring Scandinavian countries and is popular throughout the  world

I have been in Denmark 4 days and I haven’t sent even one thing that I would consider to be a Danish.  Why do we eat these things called “Danish”.  They are yummy.  But I don’t get why the people in Denmark don’t seem to eat them for breakfast.  Why do we call them Danish in the US?


Is this a marketing concept?.  For example The Texas Road House was founded in Indiana. Up in Canada the most well know Pizza place is Boston Pizza.  Well here in the US, Chicago and New York have reputations for good Pizza.  Boston is home of the Beans, Lobsters, Fish, Claims, but not pizza.  I went to a Boston Pizza in Quebec City Canada, a few months ago and the pizza really was awful.

I looked up Boston Pizza on Wikipedia and found there is a US version of Boston Pizza.
It is called” Boston’s the Gourmet Pizza” the US chain is based and founded in Dallas Texas.

Of course it is.

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